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A successful business is about making money, but when times get tough, entrepreneurs and experienced managers alike often need help from the experts.

Crawfords Insolvency is here to guide you through turbulent financial seas, with honest and open advice that makes no assumptions about the best way to proceed.

In many cases, we can help you to make the tough decisions necessary to cut the slack from your business, and consolidate what remains into a profitable organisation.

Where this is impossible, we can be both philosophical about the need for closure, and pragmatic in putting the necessary processes into effect without delay.

In either circumstance, acting promptly is an important first step – it can make the difference between success and failure when rescuing a company, and can reduce your total liabilities during liquidation.

What We Do

Crawfords Insolvency’s practitioners are among the most experienced in the business, and we never make promises we can’t keep.

We also never act without the necessary knowledge and understanding, so we will begin by conducting a thorough review of your business and its financial situation.

From there, we will recommend what we believe to be the best solution: either an attempted rescue package, or company liquidation.

One of our company principals will work directly with you on every aspect of the process, helping you to understand what is taking place and why, so that you remain in full control of your business’s affairs at every stage.While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to rescue your business, we give equal attention to businesses that have clearly already failed, so as to bring closure quickly and with the minimum of outstanding liability.

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Company administration advice from Crawfords Insolvency

Crawfords Insolvency are here to help with any company administration advice you might need, from the very first days of financial difficulty through to disposing of assets and reimbursing the right creditors if your business is not able to be saved. This is an important process with recognised procedures, and it is crucial that you […]

Advice for companies that have gone bankrupt

The UK insolvency system doesn’t technically consider companies as ‘bankrupt’, instead opting for terms like ‘liquidation’, but if you’ve gone out of business due to financial problems, it’s a minor distinction. Depending on your company structure, you may also have had to declare personal bankruptcy in order to avoid individual responsibility for the outstanding debts. […]

Advice for companies that have gone into liquidation

Company liquidation is not just one process – in fact there are several different ways for it to happen, each of which will have an effect on the nature of the advice for companies that have gone into liquidation. These include: Creditors’ voluntary liquidation (where creditors are involved in the process) Compulsory liquidation petitioned by […]

Advice for companies that have gone into administration

Much of the administration advice online is aimed at employees – protecting their employment rights, and so on – but administration advice for business owners can be harder to come by. If your company is facing insurmountable debt problems, administration is an effective way to protect it against creditors’ winding-up petitions, as well as potentially […]

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